Priyanka Chopra’s home production movie Ventilator is running successful

Yes you read it correct! Movie “Ventilator” is going strong even after the 7th Week release. Theatres are getting more footfalls for this simple yet very entraining  movie.

“Ventilator” is a simple Marathi family film which you can enjoy with your entire Family. This movie by Priyanka Chopra production is a beautiful journey of relationships, emotions, misunderstandings and priorities that are a part of many families.
The movie has acquired very good reviews from Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Hindustan Times.


Also majority of the audience has given 5star ratings for this movie and said that the movie is an Outstanding Family Entertainer.

The movie is about times when people end up disagreeing or objecting to the most trivial things. But at the end of the day, there is an invisible bond that binds them together. ‘Ventilator’ explores that bond to the fullest. The nagging wife, the pessimist uncle, the aloof youngster, the over-concerned elders and the star-struck neighbors; these are people you come across regularly in life. So, it becomes very easy to relate to the film’s characters and situations. 

After 18 years Ashutosh Gowariker, has made an acting comeback in this movie. , Priyanka and Boman Irani make a memorable special appearance in the film.

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