Prathamesh Parab turns director with this Short Film

Prathamesh Parab played a small role in Balak Palak before playing a lead character in Timepass. In the movie Timepass he played the character of Dagadu and in Timepass 2 as a younger version of his own character. He received the Star Studded Annual Life Ok Screen Awards in 2014. After this he became famous among the Marathi audience due to his boy-next-door look.


Prathamesh as director 02
Every actor dreams of trying different roles and do something special every forthcoming year. Also we have seen in the past many actors turning to writer, directors, producers etc. This year has been very special for Prathamesh Parab in the beginning of 2017 he launched his own digital calendar 2017. He also became a part of very famous Television serial Prem He broadcasted on Zee Yuva. In this serial he has played a ‘Dambrya’ in one of the stories shown.
Recently Prathamesh has directed a short film titled ‘Players’. In this short film he has played an important character.

Talking about his short film Prathamesh said that it was a very different challenge to direct and act in this short film. When they decided to make this film, the goal was to make it as real as possible so that every viewer should feel it as his own story.

Watch this interesting short Film directed by  Prathamesh Parab.


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