Marathi Actor Aroh Welankar roughed up by Local men at Karve Road – (Pune)

Aroh Welankar was abused and Assaulter by two locan men on the Karve Road (Pune). As per sources Cops later arrested them and slapped them with several charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The two men were later identified as identified as Pravin Dyaneshwar Mohol (29) and Sangram Sudam Tangde (31)

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Aroh Welankar gathered a lot of appreciation for  his role as Aniruddha Rege in the film Rege . Welankar played a role of a slender college boy susceptible to wrong doings in the society. The film bagged lot of awards and Welankar was showered with lot of praises for his role.

Aroh was waiting for his friend in his car when another four-wheeler stopped behind him and started honking. He then moved slightly ahead to make some space however the honking continued and t he car moved ahead and stopped right next to him. The two men inside the car started to abuses at the actor.

When the actor asked them to calm down, one of them got out of the care and was about to hit him , just then he somehow managed to shut the car window and was saved from the man’s blow. The other guy in the driver’s seat, meanwhile, got out and tried to throw stones at his car.

After 10 min both of them got into their car and left. As Aroh was on his way to Deccan police station (PS) to report the incident, he was shocked to see the same two men hitting and hurling abuses at someone else, less than 500 meters from the Police Station. When the Cops tried to stop them they abused them as well. This incident took place around 5 pm. Said Welankar, “It is sad to note that while the hooligans were threatening us, not a single person around us stepped in to help. There were at least 60 people gathered. Some walked up to me and asked me to go to the police. The public is very apathetic.”
It was reported later that the two men would remain in police custody for a few days to be questioned. Also that both of them are currently unemployed and were drunk at the time of the incident.

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