Some interesting facts about the star-cast of Movie Fugay. Don’t miss!

Fugay has proved to be a box office entertainer. The audiences seem to have truly enjoyed this Movie! Even though the release of this film was postponed it has made up for it in no time. This proves no matter what if your film is entertaining it will succeed on the box office. the audiences couldn’t stop laughing while watching the film!

Swwapnil Joshi, Subodh Bhave & the rest of the cast all have given splendid performances.

Fugay Cast

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Here is the Real Age of team in the movie Fugay.

  • Mohan Joshi  is Born on 4th  September 1945 his age is 72 years. Mohan Joshi is a very well known actor in Marathi Films and theater . Besides this he has also worked in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Kannada films. In the movie has played the role of Subodh Bhave’s Father.
  • Suhas Joshi is Born on 12th July 1947 and her age is 71 years.  Suhasini Joshi is very popularly known by her screen name Suhas Joshi. She is well known actor in Marathi Theater, film and television. She is also seen in many Bollywood films. She has played the role of Swapnils Grandmother in the movie
  • Neetha Shetty is born on 20th June 1986 and her age is 30years. Neetha Shetty is a very popular Face of Indian television and movie actress. She has worked in many Television serials and Bollywood movies. In the movie she is paired as female lead opposite Subodh Bhave.
  • Prarthana Behere is born on 5th Jan 1985 her age is 32 years. Prarthana Behere has worked in many Marathi Television serials. She has also worked in many Marathi Movies. In the movie she plays female lead opposite Swapnil Joshi.
  • Subodh Bhave is born on 9th Nov 1975 and his age is 41. Subodh Bhave is a well known actor and Direct of Marathi film industry. He has worked in many Marathi hit movies before. In the movie fugay he has played the lead role Hrishikesh.
  • Swapnil Joshi is born on 18 Oct 1977 and his age 39. Swapnil Joshi is a very popular star in Marathi film and television. He has also worked in few Bollywood movies. In the movie he has played the lead role Aditya.

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