Archie and Parshya have Become Brand Ambassadors of Election Commision..

Archi Parshya Election 01

Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat was the biggest blockbuster in Marathi film industry. This movie became an overnight sensation in Maharashtra as well as the entire nation. The lead cast of this movie Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar who played the roles of Archie and Parshya ,have become the role models for youth in Maharashtra. This movie has gained a lot of popularity and will be soon seen in many other regional languages. Rinku and Akash were recently seen in Aamir Khan’s special song for Water Cup 2.
As far as work is concerned Akash is busy with the upcoming film FU. This movie is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Rinku has taken a break from her work as she is preparing for her board examinations.
Both the actors are appointed as brand ambassadors by the Election Commission of India .Since both the actors are busy ,the State ECI had use the existing photos of the actors for the election banners. The ECI could not do photo shoot. Akash and Rinku will be seen on banners across the state, to spread the message of exercising voting rights for the upcoming elections. Akash will be representing the voters whereas Rinku will be seen as the face of future voters. This decision has been taken for empowerment of youth and future youth voters.

January 25 is the national voters day and the election commission wants to encourage the young voters to register so they can also participate in the electoral process. The Maharashtra election commission has picked the young actors as the brand ambassadors due to their close connect with urban and rural audience. Also the official website Chief Electorial Officer, features Rinku and Akash’s as brand ambassadors.

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