Audiences to enjoy ‘Ranjan’ on this Shiv Jayanti .

Ranjan 04

Ranjan is upcoming love story all set to hit the theatres from 17th February 2017. The movie trailer and songs have created a lot of hype on social media. Since all these years many filmmakers have tried their hand at love stories in different and innovative ways. The audiences have loved and appreciated such romantic films in every era.
‘Ranjan’ is yet another love story of school going boy & girl. In the movie trailer it is shown that the school going boy falls in love with his classmate girl and the girl demands that he has to cut his little finger to prove his love. The boy then explains to her that its is really difficult to cut his little finger. In the Later part of the trailer, their teacher at the school talks about the great Shivaji Maharaj and his bravery at a very young age. Shivaji Maharaj at a very young age fought battles against Mughals to save his mother land. It seems to be interesting to see this twist how Ranjan will portray a social message for the young generation.
Before Ranjan we have seen many Marathi movies that revolve around love stories from rural backgrounds. However Ranjan will be very different one it will spread a social message amongst today’s youth. ‘Ranjan’ will focus our attention on the basic social aspects of our society and explain how the society looks upon its children.
The lead characters of this movie are Yash Kulkarni, Gauri Kulkarni, Pushkar Lonarkar, Anil Nagarkar, Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure & Vidyadhar Joshi.
‘Lagira Jhala Ra’ & other songs of ‘Ranjan’ are already gathered a great success in the social media. The Lyrics of the songs are written by Vaibhav Joshi and they are composed by Narendra Bhide. The immensely talented singers like Ajay Gogavale, Avadhoot Gupte, Nandesh Umap, Adarsh Shinde & Deepali Jog have sung these songs. ‘Ranjan’ is produced by Ravindra Kailas Harpale’s Shree Mahaganpati Entertainment. Prakash Janardan Pawar has written the story and screenplay of this movie.
Ranjan will be released all over Maharashtra on 17th February 2017.

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