Ravi Jadhav’s upcoming movie ‘Nude’

Ravi Jadhav movie Nude 02

Almost a year ago Ravi Jadhav announced his upcoming film ‘Nude’. The poster of this Marathi was released on his Facebook account. The first poster of this upcoming Marathi movie titled ‘Nude’ was different from the other posters of Ravi Jadhav’s films. As the poster, the subject of this movie is also the different and it’s having sensitive subject. ‘Nude’ is the story of woman who works as a Nude model for painters for her livelihood.
Later Ravi Jadhav presented the second poster of his next movie ‘Nude’ with these lines:
“कुणी ह्या कलेसाठी जगतं, कुणी जगण्यासाठी ह्या कलेला कवटाळतं
तर कुणी पोटासाठी घेतं ह्या कलेचा आधार…”
Kalyanee Mulye a well known theatre artist will be seen in lead character along with Sairat-Fandry fame Chaya Kadam & Phuntroo-Bp fame Madan Deodhar. Director Sachin Kundalkar will also be a part of this movie however its still kept secret if he would be directing or writing or simply co-producing.
Ravi Jadhav has tasted a great commercial success with films like Natrang and Timepass & Sachin Kundalkar too has made exciting experiments with movies like Vazandar, Happy Journey it will be very interesting to see this upcoming movie made by these two this creative partnership.
Ravi Jadhav has also sought good wishes from his fans and audience as the film is on a very difficult and sensitive subject. However, after watching his sensitive portrayal of a different love story in Mitraa, we know it for sure that Jadhav can handle any delicate subject with an ease

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