Ti Saddhya Kay Karte review : Youthful love story winning everyone’s heart

The most awaited movie of January 2017, “Ti Sadhya Kay Karte #TSKK” , surely seems to be wining hearts of all age groups. Shows have been running successfully all across. TSKK marks debut of the star kid “Abhinay Berde” Son of all time favourite, Late: Laxmikant Berde and a very very innocent love story is sweeping hearts of the youths.

TSKK Movie Review 01

  • Movie : Ti Saddhya Kay Karte (2017)
  • Director : Satish Rajawade
  • Producer : Arvind Jog, Pallavi Rajwade and Nikhil Sane
  • Studio : Zee Studios
  • Star Cast :
    • Ankush Chaudhari as Anuraag
    • Tejashri Pradhan as Tanvi
    • Aarya Ambekar as Tanvi (Teenagers) 
    • Abhinay Berde as Anuraag (Teenagers) 
    • Hruditya Rajwade as Anuraag (Childhood)
    • Nirmohi Agnihotri as Tanvi (Childhood)
  • Rating: 4/5 (****)

‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ has a very innovative and refreshing idea of Love story directed by Satish Rajwade written by Manswini Lata Ravindra. ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ is love story that is designed in three stages! The first is the childhood phase, teenage & the grown-ups. Anurag and Tanvi are the two main characters who will help us experience these three stages in the movie. Anurag is played by Hruditya (child), Abhinay (teenage) & Ankush (adult) whereas Nirmohi (child), Arya (teenage) & Tejashri (adult) together are portraying Tanvi!
This movie has revealed the practical situation in current generation’s love life. With this movie Rajwade has experimented with a unique unconventional through. The story in the film goes back and forth in time to show the transformation of youth to grown up adults. The crisp voice over by Ankush Choudhari has created a magical effect in the movie. The love at first sight of Anurag and Tanvi, transforms into friendship in college. There is a time of confusion for Anurag and a time of realisation for Tanvi as they grow up.
The two are shown separated in the climax of the movie. Though they are very happy and content leading life with their own families they tend to still feel that something is still missing in their hearts. Towards the end the two characters meet each other and talk to about the feelings that existed when they were young also they clear the misunderstandings that happened between them and happily walk apart becoming friends for life.
This movie has a happy end of a different kind. A kind we are not use to, but watching this story, you somehow accept it. Though the Film seems to be little stretched in between, Ankush Choudhari has proved that that he can pull off any role.  Tejashri too has also given a remarkable performance. Among the young actors, Arya Amberak and late Laxmikant Berde’s son, have delivered an honest performance. Yet they seem to need some improvement in body language and dialogue delivery. Nirmohi and Hruditya look innocent and have given natural performances.

‘Ti Saddhya Kay karte’ is a sweet film that is sure to take you on a nostalgic trip. Do watch!

Cinemajha.com team rates this movie 4/5 (****)

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