Fugay: Movie Review

Fugay was a much anticipated movie which was in the spotlight a few months back. It was in the news for delayed release due to demonitization. In-spite of this the movie has gained a good response on the social networking sites. Fugay was a much awaited movie in 2017 as the audiences were going to see Swapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave together for the first time.

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  • Movie :Fugay (2017) | फुगे
  • Producer :Inderraj Kapoor
  • Director :Swapna Waghmare Joshi
  • Studio :STV Networks
  • Star Cast :
    • Swwapnil Joshi
    • Subodh Bhave
    • Prarthana Behere
    • Neeta Shetty
  • Story :Swwapnil Subodh
  • Rating: 3 ½  (*** ½ )

Fugay is the story of friendship between Aditya and Hrishikesh who are best buddies since childhood. They are together all the time and it’s very difficult to set them apart. But something happens that leads to a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding causes a riff between friends and a case of mistaken-ed identify amongst friends and family about their relationship. The plot somewhat reminds us of Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham starrer Bollywood movie, Dostana.

Aditya and Hrishikesh go on bachelor’s trip to Goa. They get drunk and have tattoo of each other’s name and later dance at gay parade. Unfortunately their escapade gets out in the newspaper and things go wrong from there on.  The two friends try their best to resolve the misunderstanding; however they have no memory of what transpired that fateful night. While the two try to figure out the entire problem there is a new problem that arises Bhairappa (Nishikant Kamat). How do they clear all this mess is what Fugay is about.

Swpna Waghmare Joshi has made many good movies in past however this movie is a very different one. It very funny to watch Swapnil saying “Mudda kay aahe”all the time in throughout the movie. Subodh till now has done serious character roles through different movies, however in Fugay Subodh Bhave has done a comic role. Fugay is filled with drama, comedy, romance, and a very little suspense. Prarthana Behere as usual has given a very pleasing appearance in the movie she plays the fiance of Swapnil . Fugay is the first Marathi movie of Neetha Shetty and she looks stunning and has done justice to her role. Though Nishikant Kamat has very little to do in the movie he has played his part right. All the locations shown in the movie are very refreshing and unique.

Remarkable and funny acting done by Mohan Joshi is worth watching. Also Suhas joshi, Anand Ingle have made their mark with their fine acting performances. To sum it up, Fugay is a full timepass and paisa vasool movie. Watch it in theatre.

Cinemajha recommended a must Watch movie..

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