First time in the History of Marathi Films, Trailer Launch at Sinhagad Fort Pune..


‘Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar’ is upcoming Marathi movie directed by Hemant Dhome & produced by Shreyas Jadhav and Gopal Patil of Ganraj Associates. The movie star cast includes Jitendra Joshi, Hemant Dhome, Aniket Vishwasao, Rasika Sunil.

We can see that the eternal loyalty to the great maratha king Shivaji, is forever on exhibit, most of the villages near the Foot hills of his Forts are strewn with shops named : Shivaji Vada Pav Centre, Jijamatata Saree Corner, Sambhaji Pan Shop, Tanaji Medicals etc. unfortunately their love for their beloved king is limited to the signboards, slogans on the cars and saffron coloured tilak on the foreheads. The most important symbol of the Hindavi Swajaya, the forts of Shivaji Maharaj are long forgotten. The once majestic fort overlooking this buzzing town lays in ruins, tainted with tobacco laden spit, garbage, empty beer bottles and lovers declaring their love for each other on the same walls where the brave mawlas spilt their blood for Swarajya.

From this movie we will be able to see the story of Suryabhan Tanaji Deshmukh also known as Nanasaheb who is shown as the Sarpanch of the the village named ‘Kharbujewaadi’. Kharbujewaadi is a village Settled at the foothills of a fort. Nanasaheb an ardent follower of Shivaji Maharaj wants to restore the decaying fort for the people to remember their legacy in all its glory. He designs a plan. What is this outrageous plan? Is it going to work? Will their dream to restore this fort become a reality? All this will be revealed… in ‘Baghtos kay mujra kar!’

It will happen for the first time in the History of Marathi Films, that a movie trailer will be Launched in such an innovative manner.

Audience cannot afford to miss this never before event at Sinhagad Fort Pune on Jan 5 ,2017 afternoon 3 PM.

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