Smita Gondkar first ever Marathi actress to win this international award

Smita gondkar international award 01

Smita Gondkar won the trophy of Best Actress for the Feature film Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted at the prestigious ALTFF 2017- Alternative Film Festival Spring 2017 at Toronto, Canada. She is the first ever Marathi actress to win this award. This award has turned to be a moment of International Glory for her as well as for the Marathi Film Industry.

Smita Gondkar with her past performances has been capturing the minds of the audiences worldwide, by winning this award she has set an example for every aspiring talent in the regional as well as the Bollywood film industry. Everyone is speaking with a lot of pride and honour for her as well as for the Marathi film industry. This award has raised the standard of respect for the Marathi movie industry and its stars.
On this occasion Smita Gondkar said that she is over the moon after receiving this award as Best Actress for the feature film Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted at ALTFF 2017- Alternative Film Festival Spring 2017, Toronto, Canada . She also mentioned that it was a team effort & along with my producer, Executive producer Pramod Mohite, and director. She thanked all the technicians including the make up team, the catering team, the spot boys, the lighting men, and every member of the crew who have contributed her success.

Smita also said, “I am humbled that people feel and have acknowledged that I have made Marathi cinema more relevant and prominent internationally and this feeling is my real award at the ALTFF, Toronto, Canada. The real sense of achievement lies in bringing pride to the Marathi film industry and my country on an international platform and I thank everyone who has worked with me and mentored me to have contributed to make all of this happen.”

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