Upcoming Psychological Thriller ‘Manjha’ Releases on 21st July

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Marathi films have evolved a lot since past few years. These days the budget and production values of these films are equivalent to a Bollywood film. Due to this the film-makers are able to explore genres that have one sees rarely, like ‘Manjha’.


The movie revolves around three main characters, Ashwini Bhave, who plays the mother. Rohit Phalke, who plays the son and Sumedh Mudgalkar, who plays the son’s friend.


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‘Manjha’ appears to be a psychological thriller between a psychotic teenager and an introvert boy undergoing psychological therapy. Looking at the trailer there seems to be crime being planned. Behind the introvert boy, as his pillar of strength against his psycho friend, is his strong mother played by Ashvini Bhave. It seems as she is defending her son against the whole world – her love for her son being the strong basis for her conviction of his truthfulness.


An India Stories Production, ‘Manjha’ is the first Marathi film Produced by Producers Trilok Malhotra and KR Harish. This movie is presented by MFDC, a venture helmed by Nittin Keni and Manish Vasisht and directed by Jatin Wagle.


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‘Manjha’ is all set for its global release on July 21 until then enjoy this amazing trailer:



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